Double Ovens

Using an oven can be a magical experience. Your food goes in looking one way, you step away for a while, and the food comes out looking and smelling totally differently and positively exquisite. Ovens can be part of a range – we have a separate section for that – or they can stand alone as a single or double wall oven. If you are going this route, then you will need to consider your hob separately. You would have to be prepared for your oven and hob to not match perfectly, but this is generally a minor inconvenience and we can certainly help you choose complementary options.

A wall oven at eye level gets big points for accessibility. It also breaks up the cooking activities into different areas so that you can share the space comfortably with a fellow cook. The biggest drawback with a wall oven is that you may have to sacrifice some cupboard space. It also tends to be a bit more expensive to purchase these appliances separately rather than as a range. Other oven considerations include the heat source.

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