Built-in Coffee Machines

Many of our staunchest coffee devotee customers eventually make the plunge into the domain of the built-in coffee machine. Installed seamlessly into a wall of your choosing, built-in coffee machines are an all-access pass to a luxury coffee experience, without the clutter and mess that usually accompanies coffee preparation, and without giving up an inch of precious worktop space. A built-in coffee machine makes a strong statement about your relationship to coffee in all of its various forms, and usually offers you the capability to take your coffee effortlessly from bean to brew, maintaining freshness and uncompromising flavour. For ultimate convenience, you can take it to the next level by plumbing your coffee machine to avoid having to top up the reservoir with water every time you use it. Built-in coffee machines are a wonderful way to personalize and enhance your home, but they also provide a welcoming but professional touch to commercial environments.

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