The longevity of the work we produce here at Openplan motivates us to function at our highest levels of performance so that our customers are happy and we can look back with pride on what we’ve contributed to their lives. Reciprocally, our commitment to quality ensures that the work we produce is lasting, meets or exceeds expectations, and is in keeping with our values.

We have been in business for over 25 years, and intend to keep at it for generations to come, which is why sustainability is a key consideration in our operations that is inextricably linked with our idea of quality. Humans have always needed to build and personalize their habitats. We are proud to be part of that, and also take responsibility for doing it sustainably. From sourcing to installation to disposal, we strive to adopt environmentally conscious best practices that minimize the environmental and social impacts of our activities. We recycle and reuse materials at every possible opportunity. Moreover, we partner with like-minded companies all along the supply chain who have similar values and intentions.


Templating is the process of mapping out how your stone slabs will be converted into the finished project and how to position any seams that may be necessary. Our experienced and well-trained fabricators make use of cutting edge digital templating techniques to ensure fast, error-free results that reduce stone wastage. This saves costs for all, and ensures that the enviromental footprint of the process is minimized.



Of equal importance to the techniques applied to the stone in the fabrication process is the stone itself. To maintain our impressive stock of luxury stone to serve your needs, we work with accredited stone suppliers all around the world that source ethically and operate sustainably.

Client picking onyx from our wide selection


The talent and expertise of our in-house design and production team come together with superior quality materials in our central state of the art London-based showroom and production facility, where we apply the stringest quality controls to make sure that your projects delight and excel. The fabrication process involves the actual cutting and polishing of your stone slabs – a defining point in the project. We use precision tools appropriate for the job to ensure best results. We are equipped for both residential and commercial scale projects of all complexity levels.



The installation process takes places on-site. We cannot underscore the importance of experience and skill level in ensuring that installation goes smoothly, without damage to your stone or home. Our installation professionals will ensure that you are prepped appropriately and that there is excellence in execution at all times.


Cosentino Group is a Spanish family-owned producer of innovative and technologically advanced surfaces for residential and commercial spaces. Cosentino aims to inspire with its socially responsible high value designs and solutions.