Solid Wood

Solid wood worktops are gorgeous. Don’t get us started on that layer of sheen that develops over time; for wood lovers, it is nothing short of rapturous. Even though wood worktops have a hard time competing with stone and the plethora of modern material alternatives in terms of performance criteria like heat resistance, scratch resistance, and literally any others, solid wood can be relatively easily repaired, and has a rustic charm that is hard to resist. We can help you choose between the various types of wood available such as oak and walnut, and advise you on the best sealant for your new worktop. If you don’t mind giving your wood worktop a little more attention, you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Spekva Wooden worktops

SPEKVA worktops are designed for everyday work in the kitchen and they are easy to maintain.

  • Should the worktop get a scratch or a notch, it can be polished and repaired.
  • With naturals oils, your SPEKVA wooden worktop can renew its beautiful glow and retain its resistant surface year after year.
  • SPEKVA worktops give you a safe and hygienic foundation for cooking. Solid wood has natural antibacterial properties. The natural enzymes and acids work to eliminate bacteria. At the same time, our worktops are treated with purely natural oils, which safeguard the environment and your health.


All SPEKVA products are of such high quality that we offer a 30-year warranty against errors and unnatural changes in the Royal, Classic and Prima product ranges.



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