A Davonport kitchen is a celebration of quality brought to life in a luxurious handmade masterpiece, in artful recognition of you and your unique life.

The Davonport brand is steeped in family honored tradition, which is perfectly mirrored in the exacting business standards and significant accomplishments of the company. Davonport started with pure passion for the craft of handmade furniture, nurtured in an environment of uncompromising commitment to quality. In a world where no detail escaped attention, the spirit of the Davonport kitchen was born.

By the age of 4, the company’s founder Richard Davonport, had already turned his attention to wood carving. By the time he graduated from college with a Distinction in Furniture Design and Cabinet Making, he was well on his way to establishing himself as a highly skilled craftsman. When he took the leap to upgrade his workshop in 1996, Davonport officially became a bespoke kitchen builder.

Made in the UK from the finest raw materials, Davonport kitchens continue to meet and exceed every quality expectation while dripping with luxury. Not surprisingly, the company has a longstanding reputation for service excellence and has expanded yet again to its current Colchester site, a 20,000 square foot workshop and showroom staffed by nearly 30 Davonport employees. Davenport was the 2017 recipient of the British Design & Manufacturing Award.

The Process

Our priority is to create a kitchen that will delight you in every way and fit your needs and lifestyle perfectly. Your fully custom-built kitchen will be made with traditional craftsmanship, painstaking care and resourceful techniques from the best raw materials. Our experienced team at Openplan Design are here to walk you through every step of the process from conception to installation of your bespoke Davonport kitchen.


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