For added storage, sideboards are an elegant solution. Experiment with different combinations of materials and finishes from matte to lacquered in order to create interesting yet harmonious effects.


A designer sideboard in which the transparent glass of the four hinged doors is alternated with wooden inserts, creating a very appealing sequence of vertical stripes of varying widths. Two finishes are available: matte lacquered and glossy lacquered.


Frame is a sculptural wooden sideboard with a play of full and empty spaces given by the different thickness of the doors which donates to this designer collection an original and contemporary style. Three finishes are available: wood, matt and glossy lacquered.


The Plateau sideboard have been designed to be given a great personality with rigorous and simple lines which leave the room for creativity, entrusted to a combinations of colours and finishes to be chosen freely. There are two types of finish: wood and matte lacquered.

Simon System

A system with two souls: a designer bookcase and a small table. Simon System is designed to fulfil this dual function in order to satisfy the needs of contemporary domestic spaces. Available with two finishes, to match different decor and living styles: wood and lacquered.


Skin sideboard have been designed keeping a versatile functionality in mind creating hinged doors, drawers and flaps. This collection has a reassuring appearance, as do the colours and finishes: wood for the inside and the outside, inserts in earth-coloured frosted glass.


The linear volume of the Store sideboard, designed with simplicity, can be covered with all the lacquered colours of the Jesse collection while having the lightly raised off the floor metal base in aluminium finish. This collection can be a beautiful way to furnish the corners of the house, the living room, the dining room and the passageway areas.


With such a freedom in its composition, the Woody designer cabinet fits well into living rooms and open spaces of any style and can also be used to divide a space. There are numerous ways to customise it and the square version of it can satisfy every taste, leaving space for the most daring combinations with the colours of the matte and glossy lacquered finishes of the collection.


The Logiko sideboard bookcase is a piece of furniture finished with great attention to the smallest details and is able to enhance the environment. It is versatile and can be placed both in a dining room and in a study. With closed by transparent glass doors, a Marglas top and rectangular in shape, the result is an elegant designer bookcase with internal lighting that gives it an evocative charm.

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