When it comes to your bedroom, forget about trends. Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is the most personal. Let’s focus instead on the styles that speak to you, and work together towards a design that moves you. We’ve pulled together all the best looks. You can be sure that whether your preferences are contemporary or more rooted in tradition, we will help you make choices that serve your design and lifestyle goals and are anchored in the values you choose to lean into. That being said, feel free to ask us about some of the more enduring principles in bedroom design like minimalism and sustainability, as well as some of the emerging trends like biophilia, or bolder choices like the use of black. We are happy to help you incorporate these into your bedroom project if it makes sense for what you are trying to create.

As you browse our expertly curated collections, keep in mind the character you want to bring to life in your room, the mood or moods that you want your space to exude, and the nurturing aspects that you want to experience as you relax into your new space. Maybe you want to develop healthier sleep habits. Maybe you think a bedroom should be a cozy haven that feels like a warm hug. Or perhaps it’s a place where your fabulous closet lives and you just also happen to sleep there. Whatever your intention or intentions for your space, we can guide you in making choices about style, layout, lighting, storage, furniture, colours – all those things that synergistically fuse to create your ideal bedroom.



Jesse is 100% Italian design, forward-focused and inspired by the international design community. They produce whole collections as well as individual pieces of furniture for all home and commercial interiors. Their design ethos lives at the intersection of discreet modern style and sustainability. While their production facilities are located in Italy, Jesse’s distribution channels are far reaching. Jesse was founded in Italy in the 1920’s as a manufacturer of school furniture. They transitioned into home furnishings in the 1950’s, and by the 1970’s found themselves expanding beyond Italy. In order to expand their product range, Jesse formed synergistic partnerships with other office furniture and lighting manufacturers. Currently, Jesse exports complete design solutions to over 80 countries.


Febal Casa is an ambitious designer, manufacturer and exporter of Italian furniture, with a philosophy of breaking the mold. By anticipating and leading trends and partnering with talented designers, Febal Casa has made a name for itself globally, and has a reputation for high quality and sophisticated designs. Febal Casa aims to give the contemporary consumer a total look, with offerings for every room of the home, catering to all lifestyles.

Febal Casa started in Pesaro Italy as Febal Cucine in 1959, at which time it stood for rationality and economic well-being. Acquired by Colombini Group in 2009, it is now one of Italy’s largest furniture companies. The company invests heavily in Research and Development, relentlessly keeping up with the latest innovations.


Colombini Casa is  brand of the Colombini Group. It is an interior design concept that centres around customer-centric Italian design and high quality manufacturing. Colombini Casa delivers domestic interior experiences that delight their customers.

Established in 1965, Colombini Casa is internationally known for its versatility, affordability, and of course, its quality manufacturing, and has over 100 locations worldwide.