Natural Stone

Our selection of highly sought-after stones from around the world bring a unique yet luxurious and timeless beauty to any room. We carry a variety of shades of marble, granite, onyx, travertine and limestone to suit diverse colour schemes. To create a polished look and prevent staining, our stones are finished with artisanal workmanship using innovative technology. Browse our stone products below or see Openplan Design’s Stone Services here.

Our Natural Stone Products


Special features put the finishing touch and final stylish flair on your project. At Open Plan Design, we revel in special requests, custom designs and all things bespoke. It gives us an opportunity to blow you away with the skills we have honed over decades of working with stone. Our trained and professional craftspeople use the latest in CNC automation to achieve precision and quality for finishes that are beyond the typical.

Fixing & Aftercare

The properties of natural stone can vary considerably across types. While we generally think of stone as being durable and having favourable mechanical characteristics, bear in mind that the composition of the stone determines how it behaves, and how it must be cared for.

Proper installation and appropriate choice of adhesive and grout for your stone and project type can also keep damage at bay. We are here to advise you on the best installation, fixing and care options available, and have a wide selection of products available for purchase to keep your stone in top form.

Staining and scratching are a couple of the more common concerns around stone. With staining, liquids such as oils may seep into the capillary channels of the stone, creating discoloration. We carry a number of sealants that can protect natural stone from such damage. Awareness can also go a long way in preventing blemishes, scratches and chips, and we make it our business to educate our customers on proper use and care of their stone surfaces, including scheduled maintenance like sealant re-application.

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