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Imagine putting dirty laundry in your machine and coming back to fresh, clean, and dry clothes. That’s the reality of a washer dryer combo. And while there are faster, more water efficient laundry options available, for those who can work with this, the washer dryer cleans well, dries gently, and is a truly handy appliance that can greatly simplify your life. A load of clothes started before leaving for work can take as long as it wants, provided that clean clothes are at your disposal when you return. Compared with the experience of returning home to wet clothes that have been sitting around in the machine all day waiting for you to transfer them to the dryer, you can see why the washer dryer is beloved to many. Some homeowners even opt for a washer dryer in addition to a separate specialist washer and dryer, so that they can take advantage of the best of both worlds. Space is also never an issue with a washer dryer combo as it takes about half as much space as separate units –  a benefit that almost anyone can appreciate.

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