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We ask a lot of our worktops. Not only do they need to be tough enough to withstand daily stresses and anything else we throw at them, but they need to do so while participating in the aesthetics of the room – they do take up a lot of space after all. Whatever the space or context for your worktop project, we can help guide it from conception to completion.

The kitchen worktop may be the most used and versatile surface in your home. In spite of the elegance that a high quality kitchen worktop brings, its job never ends. It’s worth spending some time to choose one that really sets off your space and caters to your lifestyle and to the needs of your home or commercial space. The distinction of a high quality kitchen worktop can add a pleasurable element to an impromptu gathering of dinner guests, late-night study session, hurried weekday breakfast, tax filing marathon, or the simple and satisfying act of preparing a meal. Considering the hazards of the kitchen that the worktop is subject to – sharp blades, spills and pots hot off the stovetop – if ever there was a need for durability and resilience in a worktop, the kitchen worktop takes the prize.

Don’t underestimate the appeal of a beautiful bathroom worktop to your experience of daily living and to the resale value of your property. Although kitchen worktops go through quite a bit, bathroom worktops also need to bare constant moisture, heat from hair styling instruments, and chemicals from grooming products. The job of the bathroom worktop never ends.

We produce high quality worktops for residential and commercial applications, in designs that complement both traditional and contemporary settings. Start the process of finding your idea worktop early to make sure you get the worktop surface you really want. Regardless of your preference of worktop material, work with us to choose an appropriate finish and sealant. A high quality sealer can elevate the performance of almost any worktop material, and we are happy to guide you to the right combination of products for your project.

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