Accessible Kitchens

Design should make your life better. At Openplan Design, we believe in universal design principles that make it easier for all the generations in your household to be self-sufficient and thrive. Our accessible kitchens come with numerous customisable options so that you don’t need to sacrifice your style or aesthetic preferences for accessibility. You can have both.


Who benefits from an accessible kitchen

We help our disabled customers maintain confidence in carrying out their daily activities. In some cases, our customers are simply being proactive, and preparing their environment for healthy at-home aging. Regardless of the nature of the impairments that you or your loved ones are dealing with or preparing for – cognitive, physical or sensory – we can advise you on safety, space requirements, storage, flooring, cookers, worktops, windows, fixtures, appliances and electricals.

Because our goal is to make sure that every room in your house serves your needs, delivers an easy living experience, and makes your home a little happier, we work with you to get the details of your accessible kitchen just right. Our design team are expert problem solvers. We help you make sense of everything from the best layout and dimensions that will enable low mobility or wheelchair user persons to move around the space independently, to the types of drawer handles that would require the least effort for someone with low manual dexterity to operate.