By any measure, onyx is an exotic stone. Made of chalcedony, it creates a lavish look marked by parallel coloured bands that are often striking in their contrast. As with all natural stone, no two pieces of onyx are exactly the same, but with onyx, the differences are far more noticeable, highlighting a unique quality of this other-worldly stone. The translucence of this stone lends itself to dramatic effects when backlit. Onyx is fairly delicate, in that it is not heat, stain or scratch resistant. While onyx is most suited to low traffic areas, there are endless possibilities for its use – walls, splashbacks, desks, counters, bars, vanities, bed frames and ceilings. No other stone compares in variability of appearance or compatibility with the modern design aesthetic. If your design goal is to create impact, onyx is one of your strongest allies.

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