Bavarian Safari

Bavarian originates from the variety, Radiata Pine. Originally, this variety originates from California. At SPEKVA we get Bavarian from New Zealand plantations and are FSC® certified.

Bavarian has a beautiful golden brown color. The tree is incredibly sustainable as it only takes 24 years for the tree to mature, unlike many other varieties where it takes between 80-100 years.

Radiata Pine is naturally bright, but at SPEKVA we dry and treat the wood so that it gets its beautiful golden brown color and is named Bavarian.

The feature of Radiata Pine is the softwood, but to close the fibers in the lumber, and make the softwood hard, it is pressurized with proteins (amino acids) and colors into the lumber. The colors come from crushed flower petals. Since the amino acids are already an important part of our daily food, the composition is completely harmless to humans.

The staining runs all the way through the timber so that the worktop, bar counter or the like can be cut, sanded and repaired for on-site scratches without giving visible discoloration.

Finishes available:

Bavarian Safari - Neutral oil
Bavarian Safari - Grey oil
Bavarian Safari - River Washed - White oil
Bavarian Safari - Vintage oil
Bavarian Safari - White oil
Heart ash - River Washed - Neutral oil

Other Ranges