Terms and Conditions

  • All quotation are subject to Stock Availability and valid for 30 Days unless otherwise stated in Writing for Worktop
    Division and 20 Days for Luxury Kitchen Division.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all cabinets fitted can withstand the weight of the purchased
  • Hobs, Sinks & Taps to be onsite and not connected. If not available details of the cut out sizes to be provided and
    not changed after templating.
  • Parking availability and information for our vans to be clarified.
  • The full address of the site and undisturbed access should be provided.
  • Please confirm the Floor your kitchen is situated on, is it in a House or Block of Flats. What floor are you situated
    in. is there a lift access. This information will be assessed on templating and taking into considering on our final
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to nominate an authorised person to be present on site to check all
    specifications of worktops, such as joint positions, edge profile, overhangs and our Authorisation for Production
    paperwork signed.
  • If the nominated person is different from the customer, full name and contact details should be provided.
  • Please note our fitters will not Template or Install the worktop without an Authorised person present.
  • There will be a re templating / Installation charge if the site is not ready or access not available, or no Authorised
    person present to sign our paperwork.
  • Any adjustment or movement of units will need to be made prior to our templating visit, any changes after that
    point will mean the work tops will require re templating and extra charges will come into effect.
  • If existing worktops are removed, units may become loose and readjustment will be required.
  • To minimize and prevent damage whilst handling large and heavy worktops on site, it is advised that all
    floors/doors and furniture are covered to minimize risk. Cabinet doors can be removed prior to the installation date
    and all finishing decorating work can be completed after the installation of the worktops.
  • Please check quality of the work after installation and prior to signing the satisfaction paper work, as additional
    visits after that point will incur additional charges.
  • Openplan Design will not fill gaps between upstands and the walls as this will be the responsibility of your

Payment Terms:

Natural Stone: 80% of the total including VAT on order and the remaining balance due prior to
installation, collection or delivery.

Luxury Interiors: 50% on order and the balance prior to collection or delivery.

General Terms:

A. We require 2 – 3 days notice prior to templating. Installation will take place 7 – 10 working days thereafter.
B. All natural worktops will be sealed after fabrication. All work surfaces are cleaned and polished prior to final
inspection and installation. Where required work surfaces with cut outs will be internally re-enforced with
bards to ensure durability.
C. Openplan Design do not accept responsibility for connection or disconnection of water, gas or electricity
supply. However should these services be required, please liaise with our office prior to templating/
installation, so that we can arrange for a qualified member of our staff to attend site.
D. Should our templating or installation service not be required Openplan Design will not accept responsibility for
incorrect templates, measurements or drawings supplied by the client.
E. In all correspondence and contact, please have the details to hand and quote our unique quotation number,
for further correspondence or assistance.

Please note All Goods remain the property of Ashlar Mason Ltd till paid in Full