Forum Metal -X²

The soft and honey­combed structured surface has a natural and partic­ularly handcrafted effect. Manufactured exclusively with skilled craftsmanship and sealed with zeyko’s own highly resistant surface – perfect for decades of daily kitchen use.

Floating Island

This exciting architectural feat is executed through the award-winning zeyko static system “zeyko Flybridge” which causes the appearance of weightlessness.


The award-winning “zeyko inline” ensures that the values of quality and naturalness carry through to the internal details of your kitchen as well. High quality walnut or beech wood, processed with dovetails add plenty of personality and sophistication to the interior fittings of your new kitchen.

Internal Fittings

Zeyko inline crystal beech

Zeyko inline walnut

Zeyko Baseline-S crystal beech

Zeyko Baseline-S walnut

Other Ranges