Grey and brown colours come together to form the basis of the new Milar colour palette, giving rise to a theme inspired by oxidised and faded-looking materials. Its bright, dotted graphics and its dark, sweeping shades create a strong personality, turning it into a versatile and full-bodied colour. Given its aesthetic characteristics, Milar fits seamlessly into the Industrial Collection by Dekton®, a transgressive and groundbreaking series due to its urban nature and where the “unfinished” look sparks love at first sight.



Finishes available:

  • Mate


  • Full Slab: 320 x 144 cm
  • Floor Tiles: Various sizes, Check the availability.
  • Wall Tiles: Various sizes, Check the availability.


DEKTON comes in five different thicknesses, depending on application requirements, the desired design and effect, in 4, 8, 12, 20 and 30 mm. Check the availability.

Other Ranges

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