The art of natural stone

Our large stock of natural stone includes marble, granite, and onyx. Natural stone has been used to create structures for over 5,000 years, some of which still stand. Monuments built throughout history are an example of the true strength and longevity of the rock. Ancient pyramids, temples, public baths, palaces, churches were all made with natural stone. One of the first civilisations to quarry and build with the earth’s natural stone were the Egyptians and the pyramids are still a marvel to behold. The Ancient Egyptians built many stunning works of art, made of granite and limestone, as well as fostering many remarkable secrets about stonework. 

How are marble and granite formed?

Granite, an igneous rock, is created when minerals crystallise deep within the earth. It is composed of mica, feldspar, quartz, and hornblende, as well as other trace materials, and this is what gives it an array of patterns and colours. It is a very durable stone which makes it great for kitchen countertops.

Marble is created when limestone is metamorphosed. Limestone is made up of animal shells, corals, skeletons, and plant matter that over time compress into solid rock. This transforms into marble when in the right conditions the rock is heated and compressed beneath the earth. As marble reacts with acids it is harder to keep clean so it is better to use in bathrooms and fireplaces.