Welcome to the world of Openplan turnkey services.

We provide an all-in-one, turnkey service which will stop you having to source, collect or coordinate the many different trades that are always needed for every project. Home or investment property, local or international, our all-inclusive service will get your job done from start to finish, seamlessly. Our people are in-house; expert trade’s people, surveyors, architects and structural engineers who can design, schedule and prove the viability of your project to your local authority and obtain the planning permission required to commence a project. With over 40 years of experience, our company provides excellence every time, you’ll be sure to end with a project at the highest level of quality, construction and design.

Our Services | The Process

Three simple steps to your polished design.

1. We make a plan based on your measurements which includes the colours, price, and the available range of stones. We then create a template and execute the fitting.

2. Slabs of stone are carefully hand selected from our wide range of stock in London. You can be an integral part of the process, instead of choosing from a picture.

3. The final step is the installation of your creation into your space. The entire process is done in-house, under one roof, so there is no middle man.